Rencontres de moriond ew 2013 Rencontres de Moriond EW 2013

Rencontres de moriond ew 2013

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J'ai lu et compris le texte ci-dessus. In the Standard Model minimally extended by sterile neutrinos, modified W-l-nu couplings arise and induce a tree-level enhancement to lepton flavour universality violation in light mesons. Libre de Bruxelles Belgium. Constraints on Universal extra dimensions from Scalar boson searches 5m.

Results from the search for MSSM neutral Higgs bosons decaying to fermions will also be briefly summarized.

Single W and Z production and asymmetries at the TeVatron 15m.

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Recently, a new analysis of KLOE rencontres de moriond ew 2013 has been performed which derives the rencontre form factor directly from the bin-by-bin ratio of pi pi gamma to mu mu gamma cross sections. New results from Belle 15m.

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Fichier calendrier détaillé de l'ordre du rencontres internationales taizé 2013. How much can the coupling of the Higgs boson to other particles deviate from the Standard Model Higgs couplings if no further particles will be discovered at the LHC and how precise have Higgs coupling measurements to be to capture these deviations?

In this case one typically has two Higgses with the masses around and GeV and the third one not too heavy. The rapidity differential measurements are shown to have a so far unique impact on our knowledge of proton structure with regards to the strange quark density.

The SM Scalar boson. Your browser is out of date!

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I will present an overview of the recent Fermi LAT dark matter and relevant astrophysical results and comment on the prospects for the near term improvements. While stringent constraints have been obtained at low energies, systematic and direct tests of the baryon and lepton number conservations have not been carried out at the current energy frontier.

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The observation of a new boson at a mass near GeV should be confirmed by the analysis of the new data and first measurements of the boson properties will be shown.

Recent results from Gerda - M. Special emphasis will be put on the possibilities to test such a model through the current experiments at the LHC.

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Afin d'activer un lien d'exportation iCal, votre compte doit avoir une clé API. We will present our results using data taken from Jan.

Recent results from the Tevatron will be reported on Higgs searches in models beyond the Standard Model.

Our simulations include the impact of marginalization over the neutrino oscillation parameters and a fully correlated systematic uncertainty on the total number of events. This analysis covers the full Run II data set, corresponding to approximately Scalar potential and stability 20m.

Precision measurements of the pi rencontres ligue 1 2013 gamma and mu mu gamma cross sections with the KLOE detector 15m. We present in detail the analysis procedure and the results from Run10 data, the latest science data run lasting for 13 months during andfocusing on the spin-independent WIMP-nucleon interaction.

But interesting extensions of the SM which agree with the presumed Higgs mass and predict new particles are still very much alive and await further experimental data. I will show the results of the muon neutrino disappearance measurement and the electron neutrino appearance measurement.

Mlle Belen Gavela Madrid autonoma Univ.